About Us

Our Whiskey Calendars company was an act of spontaneity through our shared passion of all things fun, tasty and Christmassy.

We are here to spread the word, the gospel according to Whiskey. We have branched out from our humble little whisky producing island to explore our globe and tell everyone what it has to offer (strictly Whiskey based, naturally though we are partial to other spirits too, but that is a whole other adventure).

We know that strictly speaking Advent Calendars are a chocolate delight for children, but why should they have all the fun? And, not to be mean but as fully-fledged grownups (ish) we’re not going to settle for the miniscule pieces of freaky shaped, is-it-even chocolate tasting treats that the kids get 24 times on their countdown to Christmas. No, we fancied something a little more rewarding, more satisfying, more adventurous. So, we went hunting and we got lucky!

Passports are not necessary on this journey. Why advent calendars? I hear you question. Well for starters we love Christmas, but more seriously we have been the lucky recipients of a spirit based advent calendars and the thing we enjoyed the most was the variety we sampled without committing to a full bottle (we have kids we can’t afford to shell out on 24 bottles of fine liquor on the run up to Christmas).

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could try a whiskey without having to shell out $$$ on a full-sized bottle?

We’re based in UK and we want to share our passion and discovery (ok we didn’t discover them, but we have collected the finest Advent Calendars that humankind has to offer) with everyone. Passports are not necessary on this journey.